Food Drive

Organize a Food Drive

Reality is that one in every 11 Canadians live in poverty and basic human rights are often non existent when you live in poverty because you can’t afford the essential staples of life: food, shelter, and clothes, Mississauga Community and Family Services tries to help such struggling individuals and families of our community.

Do you want to make someone’s life a little easier? With a little planning, lots of passion and  simple steps you’ll help someone when they need it most. And you might even inspire others to do the same.

Four steps to a successful food drive:
1. Select the dates of your drive. No matter what length of time you choose, plan on receiving items after your deadline.
2. Advertise! Publicity is key to a successful drive.
3. Set up a drop-off point. Be sure to place the box or bin where people can see it.
4. Collect, collect, collect! After your food drive is complete, we hope you and your group will visit Mississauga Community and Family Services when you drop off your donations so that we can personally thank you for your donation.